Prepare the beef stock and keep it aside.
You can use the meat while it is still frozen.
Put it in a wok at high heat and add very little water or the corn oil. If you add the latter however on frozen meat, make sure to cover the wok in order to avoid splashes resulting from the mix of oil with the water coming out of the frozen beef strips.
When the beef strips start to thaw, add the spices consisting of a pinch of ground black pepper, white pepper, paprika and ginger.
Add these to the taste you like.

​You may observe however the following ratios in between them as a guidance:
  • per each dose of ginger, add
  • 2x black pepper
  • 3x white pepper
  • 4x paprika
Now cut the tomato and capsicum into dices and add them to the wok and stir.
Once the meat has completely thawed add one cap of dark supreme soy sauce and 2 caps of less sodium soy sauce and stir.
Add then the wok mix vegetables and add also the corn oil of you did not use it at the beginning.
Do not forget to keep stirring like for any wok recipe.
Add the noodles once the vegetables thaw and pour in the beef stock you had prepared.
You can also add one more cap of dark supreme soy sauce and 2 more of less sodium soy sauce.
Gently mix the noodles and the other ingredients for 2 to 3 minutes.
It's ready! Bon Appétit!